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When buying a new Nissan, you want to make sure that you protect your car from any kind of damage so that it looks the part and is comfortable to drive for as long as possible. One easy way of maintaining your Nissan is to protect your car boot area with a heavy duty boot liner—but should you opt for the manufacturer-made option, or go for custom-made?

We attempt to answer this question in this expert guide, which compares boot accessories from the manufacturer with the bespoke alternative. We hope this helps you decide which option is the right one for you. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made to custom-made







Often made from standard materials such as carpet or rubber

Designed to fit the boot space of specific Nissan models

Often made to simply protect the floor of the boot from contact with your outdoor gear and minor spills/dirt



Made from a high-quality, waterproof materials such as reinforced PVC

Designed to cover the entire boot in a precise fit. Tailored to the specific model of your Nissan

Protects the entire boot (including the walls and the back of rear seats), not just the boot floor. Protection against large spills and more extensive damage


*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Trunk liners and trunk mats

Nissan manufacturer what they call ‘trunk liners’—these are typically flexible trays with raised edges which are made from rubber. Most are described by Nissan as ‘soft’, but there are some that are more rigid such as those designed for the Nissan Nv200. They are designed for specific models so will fit the boot dimensions of that model. Some of these liners are reversible, with one side being rubber and the other being a softer velour.

They also manufacture trunk mats, which are made from velour and are also model-specific. These leave the boot walls and the second row seats exposed to damage as they are unable to contain large spills or prevent dents or scratches caused by heavy tools and other equipment like leisure gear.



Made for specific models and as such usually feature the model logo

Only cover the boot floor—no protection for boot walls or the back of rear seats

Velour side of reversible liners more comfortable for pets

No customisation options—only available in black as standard (or beige for the Nissan Murano Z51)

Some designed to be compatible with vehicles featuring a BOSE system

Minimal protection against spills and dirt


Minimal impact in keeping cargo in place


No protection against larger spills and more extensive damage

Full trunk protection

Nissan also produce a ‘full trunk protection’ which covers the walls and the back of the rear seats. However, it appears to only be available for new Qashqai models and it is unclear what the material used to manufacture this product is. It seems to be relatively lightweight and flexible, and can cover the rear seats even when they are folded.



Covers the boot walls and the back of second row seats

Only available for Nissan Qashqai

Folds down with the rear seats, individually or together

Only available in black

Has a bumper flap

Unclear what the material is and how to maintain it

Custom-made boot liners

A custom-made boot liner from Hatchbag is long-lasting and will last for the lifespan of your Nissan vehicle without requiring a replacement. They are made from a more robust and durable material than the rubber and velour seen in manufacturer-made boot accessories, and have added benefits including built-in odour control and several customisation options. These include upgrades to Rear Plus, Rear Plus with Seat Split or Rear Plus with Seat Split and Ski Flap, which allow you to fold one or all of your second row seats without losing the protection from the boot liner.

Our bespoke boot liners are wipe-clean, non-absorbent and waterproof, ensuring every part of your Nissan’s boot space is protected from large spills and damage caused by cargo. They fit flush to your boot and are held in place by locking straps for easy removal.



Perfect fit without any need for you to conduct awkward measurements yourself

Because of the higher quality of materials used and the bespoke nature of the product, a custom-made liner may be more expensive and take longer to deliver than a ready-made, standard manufacturer trunk liner or mat

Pet-friendly materials with built-in odour control


Made from tough, waterproof and non-absorbent fabric which guarantees longevity. These boot liners often last as long as the material itself!


Several upgrade options including Rear Plus, Rear Plus with Seat Split and Boot Liner Extension


Compatible with a range of accessories including dog guards


Available in seven colour varieties


Nissan boot liner information

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